An M&E Work plan is integral for any M&E personnel. Not only does the work plan enable one to organize himself or herself well, it also ensures that a timeline of activities is established well before hand. The M&E work plan, if designed in an appropriate way, guides the M&E activities, with objectively targeted timelines. Below is a sample table of an M&E work plan.


Click Here To download this Work plan in Ms Excel File

NB: It should be noted, however, that an M&E Work plan is quite different from the M&E Plan. While an M&E work plan lists out the activities that need to be accomplished within a set duration, a M&E Plan is a detailed plan, several pages long, which outlines key questions and indicators that Monitoring and Evaluation activities will seek to verify, the data sources, who will be responsible for collecting data in what timelines, how the data will be reported and in what timelines.


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21 responses to “SAMPLE M&E WORK PLAN

  1. Very nice, will definitely use soon. Should each team member have their own work plan and is there a separate document combining the activities for all team members?

  2. Mark

    Please i would need help here,I work for an Agribusiness organisation and,I work with the monitoring and evaluation unit. Please help me with a sample of a work plan and also the indicators i would use to monitor and evaluate the project.Please i would appreciate if you can send it to my email.

  3. Fatar Marowero

    l have come across this blog and l have just noted that it has very nice, simplified and comprehensive stuff on M& E.Just wishing that had discovered it the year l was born otherwise l would have been somewhere.Am happy that l can still reach somewhere because am still there.

  4. Revocatus L. Mganilwa- Tanzania

    Thanks Team,. i have been interested to get a sample / format of the M&E plan. Thanks in advance.

  5. sediqullah.ahmadi

    thanks for all of you ; i need to sample format of electrical project M&N

  6. kusumi

    very helpful. i work for a company that is into irrigation farming as the M&E officer, what indicators and M&E plan do i need please?

  7. Saleh Ibrahim

    very good job keep it up

  8. Adamu umar marafa

    Really appreciate it. It’s amazing template. I have been to m&e for more than 8years but come across this today so simple, precise and judgmental. Thank you

  9. kwesiga onex

    how does awork plan with abudget look like?

  10. Yai Minyiel Bany Maker

    I am very lucky to get more information about the monitoring and evaluation work plan, thank for your cooperation with the people who have been willingness to help in the global world specially me. I would like to take this opportunity to address and writing this comment telling you that: in 2012 – 2014 I was worked with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, also I worked with Population Service International 2017. Now a day I have already submitted all my documents to SSNGOs jobs, to work with them as a field of Monitoring and evaluation officer, and I need how to plan very well in order to learning more about M&E work plan and M&E plan. So I requesting you to help me about M&E work plan and M&E plan in my e-mail address:

    Thank for your cooperation

    • Raksa


      it is really interest question, did you get the answer yet? Can share me about it too what are the differences of M&E work plan and M&E Plan ? what are the templates of this both?

  11. Kabagambe Aaron

    Thank you, would you further help with an M&E work plan with costs

  12. Daniel Choka Alamin Ali

    Hi there , I am working for international humanitarian organization as programs M&E officer , Many thanks for this resourceful blog . please help me on how to measure qualitative indicators in terms of knowledge gain , behavior and connections and increase in knowledge

  13. Patricia W Kamunge

    I have found info on this blog extremely useful.

  14. Alex

    thanks allot found more useful information here that will help me

  15. Muhumuza

    Good stuff for rookies like me

  16. momoh L Benya

    i humbly appreciate the sample of an m&E work plan. As a new worker in this field i loved, i will appreciate if you can help with sample of M&E reports what can constitute in an M&E reports for stakeholders after program or projects successful execution

  17. Yesiree

    Hi I’m working for Gambling industry. And I’m interested in this M&E plan for my team. And we are handling more than 30 outlets. Can you help me with sample of M&E reports for my business? I will appreciate your help. Thank you

  18. Raksa

    it is a good blog to learn. I humbly appreciate the sample of an M&E work plan. As a new worker in this field I do loved to learn from it and I hope to give the fruit of my hard work to my organization. I will appreciate if you can help with sample of M&E reports what can constitute in an M&E reports for stakeholders after program or projects successful execution.

    I have some of keyword that still confuse in mind:

    M&E framework
    M&E Plan
    M&E work plan
    M&E log frame
    Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Plan (MEL Plan)

    Please share me to clarify all of this key words.

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